Located in the heart of coastal Virginia, Old Dominion University (ODU) is a vibrant public research university experiencing exciting growth and development. Founded in 1930, ODU has transformed from a regional college to a comprehensive university offering a diverse range of undergraduate and graduate programs. Here’s a closer look at what makes ODU a compelling choice for aspiring students:

A Legacy of Accessibility and Opportunity

ODU has a long-standing tradition of providing a high-quality education at an accessible price. Committed to serving the community, the university offers various scholarships, financial aid programs, and veteran-friendly initiatives to ensure educational opportunities are within reach for all qualified students.

A Dynamic and Diverse Learning Environment

ODU fosters a welcoming and inclusive environment for students from all backgrounds. The student body reflects the rich diversity of the region, with a strong focus on international education and attracting students from across the globe. This enriching environment allows students to learn from different perspectives and develop a global mindset.

Academic Excellence Across Disciplines

ODU offers a comprehensive curriculum encompassing humanities, social sciences, STEM fields, health sciences, and professional programs. The university’s ten colleges and schools provide students with a variety of options to pursue their academic passions, whether it’s engineering, business administration, nursing, or creative writing.

Location, Location, Location: A Gateway to Opportunity

ODU’s coastal campus location in Norfolk, Virginia, offers a unique blend of urban vibrancy and natural beauty. Students have access to cultural attractions, historical landmarks, and exciting entertainment options within the city. Additionally, the university’s proximity to the world’s largest U.S. Navy base, Naval Station Norfolk, opens doors to internship and career opportunities in various maritime fields.

Beyond the Classroom: A Hub for Student Engagement

ODU boasts a thriving campus life with over 300 student organizations, fraternities and sororities catering to diverse interests. From cultural clubs and academic societies to athletic teams and performing arts groups, there are ample opportunities for students to get involved, develop leadership skills, and build lasting friendships.

Research and Innovation at the Forefront

ODU is a designated sea- and space-grant institution, actively engaged in groundbreaking research endeavors. Students have the chance to participate in research projects alongside renowned faculty, gaining valuable hands-on experience in areas like oceanography, coastal engineering, and aerospace studies.

A Stepping Stone to a Bright Future

ODU graduates are well-prepared for success in a competitive job market. The university’s strong focus on career preparation, coupled with internship opportunities and career services support, ensures that students graduate with the skills and experiences employers seek. ODU alumni go on to achieve success in diverse fields, making a positive impact both regionally and nationally.

Old Dominion University: Rising to the Challenge

With its commitment to academic excellence, a diverse and inclusive learning environment, and a focus on student success, Old Dominion University is a university on the rise. As ODU continues to grow and develop, it promises to remain a valuable educational resource for students seeking a high-quality, accessible public university experience.

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